Regents Consulting

Regents Consulting Pte Ltd, established in 2007, has been assisting clients with valuation advisory services, including:

  • Purchase price allocation (PPA) involving valuation of intangibles, including trademark, customer relationship, order backlog, distributorship, etc, for listed and private companies in connection with their acquisition of businesses or equity stake in acquiree companies.  In cases where purchase consideration is satisfied by issuance of shares, PPA also covers valuation of such shares.  

     PPA is performed in accordance with FRS 103 Business Combinations

  • Asset impairment review including review of property, plant and equipment, goodwill, trademark, etc, in accordance with FRS 36 Impairment of Assets.
  • Valuation of employee share options and share schemes for listed and privately held companies in accordance with FRS 102 Share-based Payment
  • Valuation of intellectual property rights including trademarks, technologies, etc., for transaction purposes
  • Valuation of businesses for transaction purposes
  • Valuation of financial instruments such as convertible bonds in accordance with FRS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement

Our clients include listed companies, fund managers, enterprises, in industries such as healthcare, shipping, marine, offshore and logistic services, food production, real estate investment and management, manufacturing, publishing, renewable energy, medical equipment, etc.



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